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NT Wave

NT Wave

Enjoy Techno Party played with just one guitar!

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Four members band (drums, bass, keyboards, sax), that plays alternatIve jazz, post rock, jungle, funk, dnb, ambiental music.

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Pic - bijela trojka



Egoless is deep experimental dubstep producer from Croatia. Receiving radio & DJ support from well known SUB.FM DJs like BunzerO, Myrkur, DFRNT and many others is surely a confirmation of quality. His unique style is defined by experimenting with sound, and breaking the barriers between genres, production standards and so on, brings you his first debute 6 track EP combining mystical deep vibes, some oriental melodies, with addicting broken dubstep rhytms will take you on a 30+ minute journey into unknown.

" Everything owns its existence, solely, and completely to sound… Sound is a factor wich holds it together. Sound is the basis of form and shape. In the beginning was the word and the word was GOD. We are told that this is how the world began and how creation took shape. If we put that in the modern idiom and say that into the great voids of space came a sound and matter took shape"
released 14 May 2009




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